Colonial Style Furniture

Colonial furniture captures the indulgent lifestyle of Colonial French reign in Indo-China, a lifestyle never again to be experienced.

colonial study

European styles were adapted in the colonies to accommodate the timber available and decorative finishes that would withstand the high humidity and heat of those tropical countries. 

colonial table

Colonial styles are ideally suited for sunrooms and conservatories, enhancing soft furnishings and linens and pale, plain colours.  


The furniture has become an increasingly popular style in both traditional and modern homes.

colonial coffee table

The combination of the simplicity of the wood and the detailing on the furniture creates eye-catching designs.

colonial style room

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colonial dining chair

Pale blues, greys, and natural lines and hessians are ideal complimentary colours.

blue and gold colonial room

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colonial chair

This occasional chair looks stylish in a bedroom, living room, or as a dining chair.

colonial decor

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